Pedal, Gas Motor, or Hybrid Power

Unlike many DIY conversion kits or electric bikes, Phatmoto was specifically engineered as a dual purpose gas-hybrid bike that makes it significantly easier to ride when pedaling alone and doesn't restrict the engine when under gas power.

Custom Engineered Bike Frame

Phatmoto's bicycle frame is engineered from the ground up to discreetly hide its fuel tank internally, securely bolts its motor to built-in frame mount, and safely encases the drivetrain to avoid accidents.

Easy Pull-Start Handle Engine

Unlike most DIY gas bike conversion kits using two-stroke engines that require vigorous pedaling to turn on, Phatmoto opted for a four-stroke engine with a simple pull-start handle and on/off switch for quick and effortless riding.


Phatmoto's 79cc OHV 4-stroke gas bike engine with automatic clutch allows anyone to travel up to 100 miles at speeds of 25mph on less than a gallon of gas.


Phatmoto is designed to reduce motorized biking accidents from hot engine burns. It is equipped with protective transmission case, engine shield and muffler cage.

Fuel Efficiency

Averaging roughly 133 miles per gallon, Phatmoto travels over 100+ miles on 3/4th of a gallon of gas. Operates on regular gas with zero oil/gas mixture needed.

All-New Shimano 7-Speed Gears

Slim 4-stroke gas engine

Gas engine that's powerful and efficient.

Electric Bike Features

Phatmoto 2x2 Motor Power 

Phatmoto - Your one-stop electric bicycle

Phatmoto 2x2 Electric Bike - Charging Time

Electric Scooters

Frame Material